Introductie Google Tag Manager (GTM)



Datum & locatie
Vrijdag 31 maart 2017, 9.30 - 12.30 uur

Maxlead Academy, Oegstgeest

Niveau training
Intermediate (ervaren SEA specialist, online marketeer, web analist)

Eline Grooten

Omschrijving training

Anyone who would like to discover the value added of a Tag Management system should give this training a try. We'll explain in simple words the main terminology and principles within GTM. Afterwards we'll give a hands on demo how to place basic marketing tags (e.g. Adwords, Facebook, 3rd party scripts) all by yourself. You'll have access to the interface and will be able to follow us every step of the way. At the end of the training you'll be able to navigate through GTM and place your own simple tags.

Wat kun je aan het einde van de sessie?

At the end of the training you'll be able to navigate through GTM independently and place your own simple tags.

Voor wie is de sessie bedoeld?

  • Experienced SEA specialist
  • Online marketeer or Ecommerce manager who is coordinating multiple online channels
  • Web Analyst 


  • Q&A
  • Exercise - place all 3 main type of tags in GTM yourself (Adwords, Facebook, Custom HTML scripts)
  • Demo - how to place a basic marketing tag
  • GTM - Interface navigation,  terminology, principles
  • Introduction - What is a tag management system and what are the advantages of having one?
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