International Digital Analytics Academy 2016 - 2017

Who are we looking for?

You are passionate about digital technology. Maybe you have been building websites, games or apps since you were 10. Maybe you recently graduated in IT, Technical Business Studies or Coss Media (BS). Either way, you want to apply your skills in a dynamic organization that focuses on the need to connect, analyse and optimize data. You are an independent explorer who doesn't stop until the problem is solved, whatever the solution. At the same time, you are also a team player because n=1 doesn't always get you as far as you would like. You love data, but you actually like people too.


So what is the Analytics Academy?

Most organisations only want to hire graduates if they have experience. Not us. We believe that you already have a great foundation and we want to help you learn the real-life hands-on skills that we use on a daily basis. For the first 3-6 months, we will train you in a team on the job and give you a mentor until you feel comfortable enough to take on your own work independently within our client teams. 

When does the Analytics Academy take place?

The class of 2017 will start in October 2016. After 3 months of training, by January 2017 you will be up & running and in high demand to help out in our client teams. 

What will you learn?

You will be doing implementations of web analytics for our clients, connecting all the data they want to analyse, using a wide range of tools for accurate metrics, developing insightful dashboards so client stakeholders can monitor KPI's and initiating optimization strategies to improve our clients' business. Everything you need to learn to do that will be covered in the Academy Programme. 

What’s the Programme like?

Your class of around 10 new recruits will be trained at different international locations for a week at a time. After each week, you will head back to your home office for 2 weeks of training on the job, guided by a mentor.  We will be covering the following aspects (preliminary curriculum):


  • KPI’s
  • Audit of website


  • HTML CSS JavaScript Regex
  • Implementation Documentation
  • GTM Configuration
  • Debugging

GA Configuration

  • Account structure - Properties Views
  • Filters
  • Goals
  • Admin Settings
  • Channel & Content Grouping


  • Interface Knowledge
  • Understanding Dimensions & Metrics
  • Channel & Content Grouping
  • Segmenting
  • Attribution

Reporting / Dashboarding

  • Scoping a Dashboard
  • GA Dashboards
  • Klipfolio Dashboards / API Calls

GA Premium/360 vs Free GA

Adobe Analytics Suite

Adding / Enriching Data

  • Measurement Protocol
  • Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  • Calculated Metrics

Additional Tool Configuration

  • Conversions Pixels
  • Remarketing
  • Hotjar
  • Qualaroo
  • Google DoubleClick


Your Growth path

Once you have completed the Analytics Academy you will be a fully-fledged junior digital analytics consultant. As such, you will be able to help with all the above web analytics services in our client teams, where we focus on online digital growth for our customers by offering paid and owned media support, as well as online strategy, CRO, and other online marketing services. You will discover the area you want to specialize in and continue to learn and grow in that area. Will you move onwards and upwards to bigger or more complex projects, or would you rather become an expert who shares knowledge and becomes a fully pledged Product Owner of one of our analytics fields? The choice is yours. We will keep offering you work in places where you can do what you do best. 

International just how?

Four international online marketing agencies have put their best people together for this Analytics Academy. These experienced analytics experts will train you, guide you and provide you with exciting work opportunities. You will be hired into one of these 4 home offices; that's where your base is and where you will become part of the home office team.

Your Academy class will consist of recruits from Sweden, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Those are also the four locations where your class will head to for training. Our experience is that each class becomes pretty close knit and will continue to interact in the future, either by sharing best practices or working together for clients.


How do I enroll?

If this sounds to good to be true, contact us with any questions we have not yet covered here. If you want to enroll, please send us your excited thoughts in a cover letter telling us why you would like to be one of our class of 2017. Add your resume so we have an idea of who you are before we meet you for a face-to-face chat.  

Things that you could include in your cover letter:

  • Your most recent educational and/or work experience that you believe might be relevant to the Academy.
  • The aspects of the Academy that interest you most.
  • Personal experiences that show traits and skills that could help you excel in the Academy.


Costs? Nope we pay you!

Enrolling in the Academy is like a traineeship, except we will pay you a full salary while we are training you. We will offer you a 6-month contract at first and if we all decide this was a good move, we will extend your contract for our bright future together. 


Contact Details

Please send your application to Kristin Mellink (Human Capital Coach Maxlead) -

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If you want to enroll, please send us your excited thoughts in a cover letter on why you would like to be one of our class of 2017. 


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