Social media: setting up and measuring accounts

Setting up accounts and pages

Many organisations start out enthusiastically with their own corporate social media accounts.Unfortunately, the number of friends, followers or fans is often limited to a few dozen.This is not so odd:strategy and content are often not geared toward large numbers.That is why Maxlead helps with more than the set up of accounts; together with specialists, we help you develop the right strategy, concept and content.


Measuring your social media activities

Measurability is still a big issue in social media.But to what results?Does it justify all the time and money put into it?With your input, our analytics experts will formulate measurable objectives.Are you looking for reach and brand recognition?Then we do not only look at the number of followers or tweets but also at, for example, share of voice.Are you interested in leads or sales?Then we also look at the value per visitor.


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