Complete SEO process

As part of the complete SEO process, Maxlead first conducts search engine optimisation research and is involved in the subsequent implementation and support. This ensures that the advisory report is not shelved; together we will see to it that the SEO activities yield long-lasting returns.

Phase 1: Research & Advice

  • Kick-off – Maxlead organises a kick-off session in which objectives are defined.
  • Baseline measurement – Using several keywords and available web statistics, a baseline measurement is carried out.
  • Research – Maxlead conducts extensive research into all factors that may contribute to improved findability within search engines.These include structure, navigation, technology, content, environment and organisation.
  • Advisory report – Maxlead compiles an advisory report based on the conducted research.


Phase 2: Planning and Implementation

  • Planning – Based on the advice in the report, we will draw up a schedule together, detailing when specific improvements can be carried out. Maxlead does not implement the SEO elements but advises all parties during the entire implementation process.Parties can be:web editors, webmasters, programmers or CMS builders.
  • Support – Answering SEO-related questions from the client, the web builder and other parties.


Final evaluation

  • During this meeting, the process is evaluated to ensure that it has been carried out correctly and according to the client’s wishes.


If there is a need for a follow-up, Maxlead can provide this in the form of an SEO coaching subscription.        

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