Search engine optimisation (SEO): more important than ever

People searching for something using a search engine choose from the displayed results within seconds. Very few look further than the first page. So it is important that your top search words are easily found in the (unpaid) search results.

A lot has changed recently, regarding these search results.More and more local results are being shown. In addition, results are increasingly being attuned to the person doing the searching (personalisation). And the impact of Social Media on your ranking results is increasing. All the more reason to take a good look at search engine optimisation, together with Maxlead’s SEO specialists.

SEO: durable, not a gimmick

Search engine optimisation depends entirely on the synergy between the structure, the technology, the text and the environment of a website. That is why Maxlead is an advocate of an all-encompassing approach to search engine optimisation and not of merely the optimisation of separate elements.

Maxlead carries out optimisation in collaboration with the client and other parties involved, such as PR departments, advertising agencies, design agencies and web builders.

Maxlead’s SEO range

Here is just a small selection from the many possibilities Maxlead has to offer:

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  • Maxlead is bijzonder pro-actief. Ze zitten altijd bovenop nieuwe SEO mogelijkheden.

    Freek Mol | E-business manager
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