A tailor-made SEA campaign for your industry

Together with our clients, we have developed a high level of expertise when it comes to online marketing for specific sectors. Because of this industry-specific knowledge, we understand what you are looking for.Whether it is clients, leads, patients, candidates, members or donors, Maxlead is your sparring-partner and speaks your customers’ language.

Always geared toward op Return on Investment (ROI)

At Maxlead, increasing the ROI of your marketing investment has the highest priority. The main goal of the use of search engine advertising is to increase high-quality traffic to your website to bring in qualified clients and leads. The competition, target audience, advertising costs and search volume vary greatly per industry. A search engine advertising campaign for an online webshop or an insurance company requires a far different approach than a B2B lead generation campaign. Maxlead considers the whole operational process and uses a multidisciplinary approach for its clients’ various industries.

Multidisciplinary approach

Maxlead has branch and campaign managers who understand the specific aspects of your market and can put themselves in your clients’ position.They advise you not only about SEA, but also about Web Analytics, SEO and Social Media.Together with your marketing team, they put together the ideal marketing mix to achieve the objectives in your industry.

Our industry managers are eager to tell you more about the possibilities of search engine advertising in your industry.


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