Search Engine Advertising (SEA): The most cost efficient way to bring in clients and leads online

Search engine advertising is ideal for generating new leads and prospective clients on the Internet. Placing your advertisement above or next to the organic search results in search engines offers maximum visibility for the target audience searching for your products or services.

Relevant, measurable and cost efficient

Your advertisement is displayed, free of charge, to a target audience chosen by you on the basis or relevant search words. You only pay if someone clicks on your advert (pay-per-click). What’s more, you choose the location of your advert. You are given detailed insight into the performance of each search word and advertisement, enabling you to optimise the Return of Investment (ROI) of your campaign.


Trends in Search Engine Advertising

A lot has changed recently, regarding paid search results. By adding sitelinks or a location, the tailoring of adverts to the target audience is continually improving. Advertisements can also be displayed more and more creatively and you can be more creative with the texts in your advert to make it stand out even better. You can also segment your campaign into different regions and platforms, such as PC, laptop, mobile and even tablet. And Social Media is having a greater impact on paid search results due to the introduction of the Google +1 button.


Why Search Engine Advertising?

The question of whether search engine advertising is of interest to you depends on the objective of your marketing campaign, your range of products and services, and your marketing budget. Search engine advertising allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • E-commerce: To bring in customers through direct conversion on your website or in your webshop
  • Lead generation:To bring in clients, members, patients, candidates, etc.
  • Branding: To improve the visibility of your organisation, company or brand for your target audience
  • Information:To provide the general public with information on legislation and regulations (national government)

Search engine advertisements are directly and rapidly deployable as a marketing tool and support existing marketing activities. In addition to the above-mentioned goals, you can retrieve relevant market information from your search engine advertising campaign and test your propositions. Search engine advertising can be deployed both worldwide and regionally and Maxlead can set up your campaign in any desired language.


What are the costs of Search Engine Advertising?

A good search engine marketing campaign must be constantly monitored and optimised to obtain the best results. In addition to the investment in traffic costs (clicks), you must take into account the costs for the setup and management of the campaign (management fee) and the time your marketing and IT departments will spend optimising your website and landing pages.


Working with Maxlead

Maxlead is a part of your marketing team and works toward a maximum return on your SEA investment. Our SEA specialists tailor your campaign to your proposition and target audience. We also take a critical look at your website and lead management process to achieve as much success as possible from the sales cycle as a whole. All activities within your campaign are constantly being measured and optimised for a better result.

The added value of Maxlead in your search engine advertising campaign:

  • Daily campaign management by experienced and qualified professionals
  • Continual monitoring, testing and optimising of your campaigns
  • Frequent, clear reports, critical evaluations and on-site consultation
  • Increase in the conversion of website visitors into leads or clients
  • You profit from our excellent relationships with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and Marktplaats
  • Your international campaigns can easily be rolled out using our extensive localisation network
  • Maxlead monitors your campaign and website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with management and reporting software developed in-house

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