Lead management software: MaxleadManager

Maxlead has years of accumulated knowledge of and experience in generating online leads and bringing in clients. We have used this expertise to develop our software solution: the MaxleadManager. This tool helps you determine in which online channels to invest to find the best leads at the lowest cost.


The MaxleadManager offers you detailed insight into the performance of your online lead generation and answers the following questions:

  • How many leads do I need to bring in 1 customer?
  • Should I purchase leads?
  • Which channel brings in the most customers?
  • Which channel has the highest customer value?
  • How effectively is the sales department following up my leads?
  • At what speed are my leads converted into customers?


In a well-organised dashboard, MaxleadManager Reporting displays the performance of the various channels, with information about impressions, clicks, response times, cost price per lead, conversion percentages into customers per channel, etc. And MaxLeadManager Reporting provides an answer to the so-called last cookie discussion. You will also be given insight into the processing of leads by your sales department and the performance of each staff member.

Want to know more about what Maxlead and the MaxleadManager can do for you? Contact Rob Steenbrink.

  1. Step 1. Search engines0.00
  2. Step 2. Turn lead interest into action on your website0.56
  3. Step 3. Follow up leads in a lead management system1.35



The MaxleadManager (MLM) helps your company with the realisation of commercial objectives in online marketing.It can be used in both B-to-B and B-to-C markets. MaxleadManager is a ‘software as a service’ (SAAS) solution for the qualification and follow-up of leads, with which you can significantly increase the return on your marketing budget.

The programme was developed by and for Maxlead clients, with the cooperation of Graydon, TomTom, Hunter Douglas, DRU, Schipper Kozijnen, Ploeg Kozijnen, Ruiter Dakkapellen, Binck/Alex Bank, Exact Software, CanalDigital, IPD Opleidingen, Manpower, Covebo Uitzendorganisatie, Bibliotheek.nl, Carrier, Ricoh, Basneon, Luxaflex and more.


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