Online lead management with the MaxleadManager

It seems many companies have no idea of what happens to valuable, often costly leads within their organisation. Leads are not followed up or done so too late and no measurement is taken of whether the investment in online marketing is being recouped. The MaxleadManager helps your company with the realisation of commercial objectives in online marketing.

What happens to your online marketing leads?

Lead generation doesn’t stop with the filling in of a form on your website. That is when the lead management and qualification game really begins. In many companies, valuable leads disappear into people’s inboxes and are not followed up or done so too late. This presents the following problems:

  • The leads are no longer traceable to the source (search engine marketing, banners, e-mail marketing).
  • Leads are not followed up in time by the sales team and clients are missed out on.
  • It cannot be measured whether the investment in online marketing has generate turnover and profit.
  • There is no insight into the commercial performance of the sales team.


Scoring the right leads online

The real challenge of online lead generation is finding the balance between quality and quantity.Your website and the commercial effectiveness of your sales team are the decisive factors in this.

  • How do I get (more) leads?
  • How do I use online marketing for lead generation?
  • How much does a lead cost via online marketing?
  • How can I get higher quality leads?

How do I get (more) leads?

Your potential clients also search using the Google search engine. Just google… and hopefully they will find your website and not only those of your competitors. They leave their details behind on your website and with that your lead is secured. Search engine marketing is a pure form of Pull marketing and produces results quickly.


How much does a lead cost via online marketing?

There are various ways of binging in leads online. Online channels include search engine marketing through Google Adwords, organic search results, affiliate marketing and e-mail marketing. The great advantage is that you know exactly how much you pay per website visitor and how much a lead ultimately costs.


How can I bring in more and better leads at lower cost?

The best leads are those that become your clients.To determine from which online channel these ‘hot leads’ originate, it is important or measure and analyse the lead quality, from click to client. There is a direct correlation between the quality of the lead and the online channel from which the lead originates. Once this relationship has been established, you can base your online campaign on this mechanism. This will give your higher quality leads at a lower cost.


This is what Maxlead can do for you

Maxlead has years of accumulated knowledge of and experience in generating online leads and bringing in clients. We have used this expertise to develop our software solution: MaxleadManager. This tool helps you determine in which online channels to invest to find the best leads at the lowest cost.


Want to know more about what Maxlead and the MaxleadManager can do for you? Contact Erik Jan Reijenga.


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