Maxlead Online Competitive Analysis (MOCA):
Competitive Intelligence for Search Marketers

Maxlead Online Competitive Analysis (MOCA) offers marketing professionals unprecedented insight into the search marketing landscape, enabling them to create and manage effective and
efficient online strategies and campaigns.

Your Business Challenge

Search marketers need actionable and timely intelligence in order to effectively manage online advertising campaigns. MOCA delivers key data that enables your search team to:

  • Identify competitors for your products in your market
  • Track and chart both Paid and Organic rankings for all
  • competitors
  • Track competing keywords, ads and propositions
  • View all landing pages and track split tests
  • Estimate your competitors’ budgets, traffic and CTR
  • Assess competitor strength and strategies
  • Find new traffic opportunities

MOCA is powered by AdGooroo, the world’s largest database of search marketing data. Together with our search expertise we will successfully target your marketing budget, maximize returns and beat the competition.

Our Deliverables

We combine near real-time competitive data with thorough competitive analysis by our Search
Consultants in an advisory report that will help you to understand your competitive landscape and to
decipher your competitors’ trends and strategy.

Are you interested in boosting your own search marketing strategy and beating the competition in your
market? Please contact your Maxlead sales representative at salesantispam@moc.daelxam.



Cutting-edge SEA and SEO tools

Maxlead Online Competitive Analysis uses cutting-edge SEA and SEO tools to help you drive more
traffic, improve search campaigns, track keyword rankings and monitor the competition.

Keyword Research

  • Reverse engineer keywords based on ad placement
  • Generate keywords for an entire industry or a single competitor
  • Complements other tools such as the AdWords keyword tool
  • Find keywords with low coverage (impression share)

Competitive intelligence

  • Track competing ad copy and split tests
  • Identify common phrases in text ad propositions
  • View all landing pages in your industry
  • Estimate competitors budgets, CPC, daily traffic and CTR
  • Side-by-side competitive benchmarking

Traffic and Budget estimates

  • Import keyword traffic estimates directly from the search engines
  • Simulate CPC and monthly spend for any keyword
  • View impression share for any advertiser (down to the keyword!)
  • Identify missed traffic opportunities

SEO tools

  • Automatically track your organic rankings (and your competitors')
  • Chart historical movements over time
  • Estimate your competitors' organic traffic
  • Side-by-side comparison of any two domains
  • PPC vs. Organic reporting


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