Automation of SEA Campaign Management

  • Do you want to link your online campaigns to your IT back-end?
  • Are you looking for tailor-made reports that combine insight from search engine marketing with your IT systems?
  • Do you have large international campaigns that have to be run on the basis of availability and supply?


From visitor to customer

Online marketing, and search engine marketing in particular, offers a great deal of insight into the online behaviour of your potential customers. This produces a considerable amount of data.Smart automation is required to turn all this data into useful information that can be used to run your campaigns. Maxlead provides insight into the site-visit-to-customer process and links search-engine marketing campaigns to, for example, your CRM system. We have won two Search Engine Marketing Award with this type of project.


Maxlead uses its background in software to link data from different sources and to present it in clear, tailor-made reports. MaxleadManager is an example of a lead qualification system that is linked to online campaigns. Maxlead can also link with your in-house CRM, ERP and other back-office systems. With clear insights into the “journey” from site visit to customer, you can optimise the process and improve both customer service and margins.

Are you ready for a good discussion about automating your online marketing and reporting? Contact Rob Steenbrink, founder and director of Maxlead.

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