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Maximum results from your e-commerce activities?

More and more consumers shop and compare online. This makes retail one of the most competitive markets in Online Marketing. To be successful, you have to measure and optimise the effectivity of every euro.


Maxlead can help you with these important issues:

  • What are the most effective channels for bringing in clients?
  • What is my ROI and how can I optimise it?
  • How do I anticipate Local & Mobile trends?
  • What are my chances abroad?

The Maxlead Retail team is a part of your marketing team and works with you proactively, on a strategic and an operational level. You will profit from our extensive experience in the Retail sector, both nationally and internationally.


Campaign management and optimisation

Maxlead targets conversion and, therefore, ROI. Our aim is to ensure that the right people visit your website and make a purchase. Years of experience with hundreds of campaigns have taught us how to manage successful campaigns. We also continuously test new ideas, measure the results and, if successful, implement them. And we can advise you on your website. Often minor changes to content, navigation, buttons, presentations, landing pages or interaction lead to significant increases in success rate. And that means: more leads and more clients.

What is the right mix between SEA, SEO and Display?

One of the most important questions that online retailers have is: what are the most effective channels for bringing in clients? Frequently, the answer is a combination of Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Search Engine Optimisation, E-mail marketing and Display. Display is mainly geared toward Retargeting, a powerful advertising medium for retailers. Maxlead specialises in SEA, SEO, Social Media, Display, Video and Retargeting and can provide you with excellent advice on the optimal online marketing mix.

What is my ROI and how can I optimise it?

In 2010, retailers in the Netherlands spent €100 million on Internet marketing, but the returns are unclear. Maxlead is an Analytics Certified Partner and will assist you in measuring and optimising, from ad impressions to thank you pages!  ROI optimisation requires making and continuously testing thousands of small improvements. It is a process that requires our full cooperation.

How do I anticipate Local & Mobile trends?

Tablets & Smartphones are bringing about a revolution. Maxlead will give you the edge! The Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) phenomenon is also important for retailers with a physical store location. The retail landscape is changing, because the gap between online and offline retail is shrinking due to mobile and local experiences.

What are my chances abroad?

70% of Maxlead campaigns are launched outside of the Netherlands. We work in over 10 countries for clients such as Vacansoleil, Philips and PABO. We are eager to help you realise your international ambitions!


Maxlead Retail clients include:
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