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The advantages of recruiting through Google

The advantages of recruiting through Google

  • Search engine advertising is rapidly deployable
  • Emphasis on your corporate Recruitment Marketing message and image
  • Easily adjustable to budget changes
  • Fast acting:think it up now, carry it out now
  • 24/7 insight into results and efficiency
  • Both for niche and for high-volume vacancies
  • Front-to-end result measurements
  • Geared toward cost per candidate or cost per placement

Maxlead fulfils client objectives of hundreds to thousands of candidates per year.Furthermore, we are geared toward efficiency, which keeps the price per candidate as low as possible while improving the quality of CVs.This allows you to profit from a more effective recruitment process that can be broken down into three steps:


Step 1: What is needed?

Before Maxlead sets up an Adword campaign, we discuss a number of important issues that must be in order:

  • A clear Recruitment Marketing message and proposition
  • Recruitment objectives:numbers, costs, quality
  • Good job descriptions and a good website
  • A clear recruitment process

Step 2: Campaign management and optimisation

  • Gear website toward conversion
  • Set up Adwords campaign
  • Test
  • Go live and measure

Maxlead targets conversions.Our aim is to ensure that the right candidates visit your website and respond or apply directly. Years of experience with the management of hundreds of campaigns have taught us how to manage campaigns successfully. This includes continuously testing new ideas, measuring the results and, if successful, implementing them. And we can advise you on your website.Often minor changes to content, navigation, buttons, presentation, landing pages or interaction lead to significant increases in success rate. And that means: more leads and more clients.

Step 3: Measuring results and efficiency

  • Which sources provide which candidates?
  • What is the quality of the candidates?
  • How do candidates behave on your site?
  • Can the ‘costs per hire’ be improved?

The advantages of recruitment via a Google Adwords campaign are unique. You can influence the entire recruitment process and keep the costs fully under control.You determine the recruitment budget and the maximum cost per candidate. At any time, statistics can provide insight into the results and the efficiency of your campaign, enabling you to make adjustments instantly. In addition, you can use Google Analytics to gain insight into the behaviour of visitors to your website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to give your website a more prominent place on the results page.


Front-to-end measurements:costs per hire

Is your organisation geared toward the net cost per hired candidate?Maxlead helps you to pass on candidate details from your website to your back office, enabling you to track the entire recruitment process from ‘front to end’. Together with Google Analytics, this gives you valuable information about the overall efficiency of your online investments. 

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