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Do you want to inform more potential patients about the possibilities of your care institution?

More and more often, care institutions use search engine marketing to reach their target audience, whether it is to inform potential patients of the possibilities of their organisation or for the actual contacting of various target audiences.

Maxlead has extensive experience with care institutions. This means we know what engages your target audience and how to best appeal to them with your online message. Whatever your objectives are, ultimately it is all about an efficient approach with clear results.
Frequently asked questions about bringing in patients online:

  • Where do I find patients?
  • Which online channel brings in these patients?
  • What do the leads cost?
  • How can I get more high-quality leads?
  • Which online channels should I invest in?

The Maxlead team has a great deal of experience in the generation of valuable leads. MaxleadManager, our software solution, uses an online Dashboard to offer insight into many aspects of lead generation, including the origin of your leads and the lead nurturing process. You can track the results in real-time. Would you like to know more about lead generation? Download the brochure here.


Campaign management and optimisation

Maxlead also targets conversions.Our aim is to ensure that the right people visit your website and respond, if so desired. Years of experience with hundreds of campaigns have taught us how to manage campaigns succesfully.We also continuously test new ideas, measure the results and, if successful, implement them.And we can advise you on your website. Often, minor changes to content, navigation, buttons, presentation, landing pages or interaction lead to significant increases in success rate. And that means: more patients.

Would you like to know more about how we work? Call Mike Orizand at 06 – 54 220 564.

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Would you like to know more about patient information messaging through Google? Contact:

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