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Reaching the right target audience in the right area

How to reach your target audience

Are you canvassing for students for secondary education? Are you looking for more of a crowd at Open Days? Do you offer specialised training courses for IT or other professions?

Maxlead can help you match your online recruitment to your objectives and target audiences. You will reach people who are actively looking for a specific study programme that is offered by your organisation. Leads komen rechtstreeks naar uw website en kunnen reageren of zich direct aanmelden. Leads come straight to your website and can respond or register directly.


Criteria for successful online canvassing

  • Your offer appeals to the right target audience(s)
  • You target people in all stages of orientation
  • Your proposition triggers your target audience (for example with niche courses, instructors, success rates)
  • Your website’s message and information answer the visitor’s most important questions
  • Your website is user-friendly, distinctive, informative and targeted for conversion
  • Brochures and Open Days provide Leads that can be followed up on
  • Questions and registrations are responded to quickly and correctly


Regional, national and international online advertising

You can reach the whole world through Google, but you can also define specific areas. It is possible to recruit from different target audiences regionally, nationally and internationally, all within one campaign.

A specific approach will be chosen, depending on your range of study programmes or training courses. Maxlead has international experience and runs campaigns all over the world for several clients.


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