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The most frequently asked questions about canvassing for students online

  • Can online advertising bring in (even) more students?
  • Does our offer stand out from all those of the competition on the Internet?
  • Our website has a lot of visitors, but doesn’t yield many enrolments. How can I improve this?


Everybody uses Google

When searching for a specific study programme, your target audience looks for information on the Internet. This happens mainly through Google. On average, a potential student looks at 4 education providers and makes a critical comparison based on key issues. Does your offer stand out from that of your competitors? And when a potential student or client comes to your website, do you receive their details or, even better, their application? What is necessary to make that happen?

Online canvassing for students requires particular skills. It starts with bringing yourself to the attention of the target audience that is specifically looking for one of the study programmes you offer. And it end successfully when you receive the lead’s details or they actually register online. Maxlead has this whole process down to an art.

Online advertising works

It works simply because your target audience is searching the Internet specifically for your range of study programmes. The number of training centres and institutes that are taking advantage of this by advertising continues to grow. From a competitive point of view, this advertising channel is something you cannot do without.

The question you have to ask yourself is: how can I outdo the competition? That is where Maxlead can help you.

How do visitors reach your site?

A potential student is looking for information about a specific study programme online or knows your institute and looks up your website.

  1. He ‘googles’ a study programme name or your brand name and sees your ad on the results page.
  2. The text of the ad contains your most tempting proposition and triggers potential students or leads to click on the ad.
  3. That click brings the potential student or lead to a page within your website that is in line with the search query used.
  4. On your website, they can request a brochure, register for an open day or enrol in a study programme or training course, depending on the possibilities your offer.


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