The Maxlead Team

The Maxlead team consists of enthusiastic online marketing professionals, clever developers and thorough data analysts with years of experience in national and international organisations. They become part of your (online) marketing team and work with you proactively, on a strategic and an operational level. View the profiles for more background information on our team members.

Rob Steenbrink

Rob Steenbrink - Managing Director

Rob founded Maxlead in 2002. In addition to expanding the Maxlead organisation, he is involved in account management for international clients and in software and reporting projects. Rob and Ronald advise boards of directors on their online marketing strategy.

Ronald van Klooster

Ronald van Klooster - Sales & Marketing Director

Ronald has been co-shareholder of Maxlead since September 2006. He is responsible for all marketing activities within the Maxlead group. His speciality is mainly in the field of lead generation through online marketing, online strategy, CRM and management consultancy.

Erik Jan Reijenga
Erik JanErik Jan

Erik Jan Reijenga - Director Operations

Erik Jan is Director of Operations. In addition to his role in the management team, Erik Jan is involved in campaign management, international accounts, HR management and with the Maxlead website. Erik Jan is also a lecturer at the IDMK and speaks at congresses.

Esther Vreugdenhil

Esther Vreugdenhil - Marketing Communication

Esther is involved in marketing communication-related activities. She organises trade fairs, customers’ days and other client and employee related activities. She also writes texts for various media.

Kristin Mellink

Kristin Mellink - Industry Manager Recruitment & Education

Kristin is responsible for the campaigns, account management and the Campaign Managers within her sector. She specialises in Integration CRM/ATS and Coaching online advertising. Kristin is a Google Advertising Professional.

Robert Verburg

Robert Verburg - Industry Manager Technology & B2B

Robert is responsible for the success of the campaigns, the account management and the Campaign Managers within his sector and for advertising on Marktplaats and YouTube.


Mike Orizand

Mike Orizand - Industry Manager Finance & Public Sector

Mike is responsible for the campaigns, account management and the Campaign Managers within his sector. In addition, he also manages his own campaigns. Mike is a Google Adwords Certified Individual and a Google Adwords Certified Specialist.


Arjan ter Huurne

Arjan ter Huurne - Industry Manager Retail & Travel

Arjan is responsible for the account and campaign management and sales within his sector. He is also responsible for the Display knowledge team.

Marieke Veenstra

Marieke Veenstra - Team Manager SEO & Social Media

Marieke is a pur sang SEO specialist. She is also well versed in the fields of SEA, Social Media, Display Marketing, Web Analytics and Usability.

Barbera Goosen Goosen
Barbera GoosenBarbera Goosen

Barbera Goosen - Office Manager

At Maxlead, Barbera is indispensable when it comes to Office Management and management of payable and receivable accounts.

Andre Koot

André Koot - Senior Search Advertising & Web Analytics Consultant

André is responsible for Campaign management and conversion optimisation, website analysis and advise, and Lead quality control for Technology-oriented companies and B2B products/services. In addition, he is responsible for internal automation. André is a Google Adwords Professional and a Google Analytics Expert.

After studying Analogue technology, Digital technology and Telecommunications, André held several positions in the hard- and software sector, including Software Consultant and Product Manager.


Olinda Luksen

Olinda Luksen - Senior Search Advertising & SEO Consultant

Olinda is involved with SEO projects in the broadest sense: reviews of new and existing websites, support during the construction of new sites, writing training courses for search engines, and editing SEO pages. Of course, she is also well versed in SEA.

Mauriëlle Kuijper

Mauriëlle Kuijper - Account Manager

Mauriëlle is Account Manager for the Retail, B2B, Technology, Finance and Public sectors. She is responsible for brining in new clients and developing existing relationships. She advises client on SEO, SEA and Analytics. Mauriëlle is a Google Adwords Professional.

Hanny Hebels

  Hanny Hebels - Senior Search Advertising Consultant

Hanny is responsible for campaigns in the Recruitment, Education, Web Sales, Lead Generation for B2B and Donor Recruitment fields. Hanny is also a Google Adwords Professional.

Peter Backer

Peter Backer - Software Developer

Peter is active in campaign analysis and optimisation. He works on reporting and analysis software and carries out analysis, optimisation and measurement systems projects.

Zweitze de Vries

Zweitze de Vries - Software Developer

Zweitze is involved with the development of software for campaign management. He specialises in Databases, Microsoft SQL Server, various API’s such as Google Adwords API and Google Analytics Data export API, and Visual Studio.


Coen Hilgersom

Coen Hilgersom - Software Developer

Coen is involved with the design and development of MaxLeadManager. He translates client’s wishes into software processes. Coen sees it as a challenge to develop products that are user-friendly, but at the same time technically well thought-out, strong and flexible.


Ailsa Leadbetter

Ailsa Leadbetter - International Project Mananager & SEA Consultant

Ailsa’s background in localization, content publishing and web development makes her the ideal project manager for international and multi-disciplinary online marketing projects. As a certified Google Adwords professional, she also manages B2B and B2C Adwords campaigns, preferably in more than one language! Ailsa is a member of the Retail team.

Joost Viergever

Joost Viergever - Search Advertising Director Americas

Joost specialises in SEA and Marketing Communication Strategy and has knowledge of Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Microsoft Ad Center and Marin Bid Management Software. Joost is a Google Adwords Professional and member of the Philips team.


Marion Niekel

Marion Niekel - Senior Search Advertising Consultant

Marion advises clients on website optimisation and is involved in other online marketing issues. Marion is a Google Adwords Professional.



Pauline Quéré

Pauline Quéré -  Online Advertising & Social Media Consultant 



Pauline works as an online advertising consultant and specializes in Social Media advertising. She is actively involved in Social Media developments and Content Marketing and is a member of our blog editorial staff. Pauline is a Google Adwords Professional.



Wouter de Jong

Wouter de Jong - Search Advertising Consultant

Wouter works for our Technology team and specialises in conversion optimisation, A/B & multivariate testing, online dialogue and the layout of landing pages.

Camiele Wenniger
Camiele Camiele

Camiele Wenniger - Web Analytics Consultant

Following his graduation from grammar school, Camiele took up two studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam: Economics and Computer Science & Economics. He indulged into the art of programming which in turn resulted in a specialisation in Functional Application Management.

René De Vries

René de Vries - Search Advertising Consultant

René is a Campaign Manager in the Finance and Technology team. He is specialized in SEA, SEO and conversion optimization. His commercial drive and analytical skills make René the perfect sparring partner.


Chantal Smink

Chantal Smink - SEO Consultant

Chantal can advise you on how best to optimize your website: from the design of a new website to the optimization of an existing site. After graduating in Commercial Economics, she worked as an online marketer in a range of industries including online gaming, retail and tourism. Her specialization is SEO and conversion optimization.


Maarten Sommeijer

Maarten Sommeijer - Sr. Search Advertising Consultant

Maarten is a Campaign Manager in the Retail team. He has built up extensive experience as online marketeer at companies like iCentre and Hotel Specials. At Maxlead, Maarten is responsible for SEA and other paid channel marketing campaigns.

Marc Thierry

Marc Thierrij - SEO Consultant

While studying Communication & Multimedia Design, Marc discovered his passion for SEO at the Link Building Specialist. A year after graduating, he switched to Tellus – a large comparison site – where he established the SEO strategy. Marc is an auto-didact who now puts his SEO knowledge and experience to work in the SEO team at Maxlead.

Rick Dronkers

Rick Dronkers - Web Analytics Consultant

Rick is self-taught online specialists and an entrepreneur. He was making websites at a young age and joined the online marketing world through roles as webmaster, and in advertising and affiliate networks. He has been helping clients achieve their online goals since 2009. At Maxlead, Rick translates our clients’ web analytics into actionable marketing advice.

Julia Paskaleva

Julia Paskaleva - Web Analytics consultant

After her bachelor in International Economics & Management in Milan and a Master in International Economics & Business Studies in Rotterdam, Julia started work as an analytics and search marketer. As a conversion optimization specialist at T-Mobile Julia was responsible for internet, telephone and TV. At Maxlead her aim is to improve your online conversions.

Ramon Gulikers

Ramon Gulikers - SEO Consultant

Ramon is a self-made SEO specialist. After working in recruitment, he entered the online world as content manager at Randstad. At Ticketsnederland and Privilege, Ramon was responsible for online operations of a number of websites. At Maxlead, Ramon takes an in-depth interest in your website as SEO consultant.

Azadeh Fahkran

Azadeh Fahkran - Sr. Search Advertising consultant

Azadeh (Aza) is a real globetrotter. Born in Iran, she grew up in Germany, where she was one of the driving forces behind rankingCHECK, a German internet marketing agency and Maxlead partner agency. After a career in Germany, Aza spent 2 years travelling around the world. Now Aza can’t wait to take your online business to the next level.

Lisa Van der Heiden

Lisa van der Heiden - Search Advertising consultant

Lisa is an enthusiastic personality with extensive commercial experience in business services. In her previous position at Multi-Post, Lisa was responsible for starting up the online activities. At Maxlead Lisa works on your SEA campaigns and lead generation.

Leonoor Christiaans

Leonoor Christiaans - Sr. Search Advertising consultant

Leonoor knows the online world like the back of her hand. After a period at Monsterboard and Google, Leonoor was responsible for online marketing at VNU Media publishers, after which she worked as an SEA specialist at Thomas Cook. She greatly enjoys her latest agency venture: working for Maxlead clients.

Fabian Gumbs

Fabian Gumbs - Search Advertising consultant

Fabian is an SEA specialist with work experience both at an agency and as a client, for example Vakantieveilingen (travel auctions). His affinity with online marketing knows no boundaries. His current focus is helping Maxlead clients with conversion optimization and strategy definition.

Jesper Cuvelier

Jesper Cuvelier - Jr. Search Advertising consultant

Jesper works for Education & Recruitment clients at Maxlead. After graduating, he worked as an online marketer at (travel site). That’s where he discovered his interest in search engine marketing and usability. At Maxlead, Jesper can combine these 2 fields.

Tomas Van Rijn

Tomas van Rijn - Jr. Search Advertising consultant

Tomas works in the Finance and Technology teams at Maxlead. He graduated from the Amsterdam Free University with a degree in Health and Life Sciences. During his studies, he studied the commercialization of research & development. This academic background makes Tomas an ideal link between Maxlead and our Life Science clients, for whom he creates effective SEA campaigns.

Rob Van der Niet

Rob van der Niet - Jr. Search Advertising consultant

During his studies, Rob gained experience with front-to-end measurement in the recruitment industry. At his previous employer StepStone, where Rob was responsible for online traffic, he discovered Adwords. He is now an SEA consultant at Maxlead, focusing on travel and recruitment clients.

Thomas Janmaat

  Thomas Janmaat - Sales assistant

Thomas is a valuable addition to the Maxlead sales team, where his work includes research into competitive strategies and market analyses.

Ashvien Jitan

Ashvien Jitan - Search Advertising Consultant

As part of his Commercial Economics studies at Hogeschool Leiden, Ashvien was an intern at TicketVeiling, where he wrote his dissertation on display advertising. At Maxlead, Ashvien works as a junior search advertising consultant for our retail & travel clients.

Peter van Marwijk
Peter Peter

Peter van Marwijk - SEO consultant


Suzan Huurnink
Suzan Suzan

Suzan Huurnink - Search Advertising consultant


Dieuwerke Antoons
Dieuwerke Dieuwerke

Dieuwerke Antoons - SEO consultant


Sander Valkonet
Sander Sander

Sander Valkonet - Search Advertising consultant


Yvonne Verdonk-Olijerhoek
Yvonne Yvonne

Yvonne Verdonk - Front Office


Glenn Snel
Glenn Glenn

Glenn Snel - SEO consultant


Lucien Konink

Lucien Konink - IT support


Photography by: Stefan Mizee Photography

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